A mid-size notebook with a stitched spine, supple leather binding and soft white Bioprima Fabriano paper. It is ideal for note taking, sketching, and tracking busy schedules.

Un homme savant a toujours en lui-même un fonds de richesses.
–Les fables de Phèdre

[the savant]—a learned person, scholar and thinker—is the distinguished wise person with knowledge of a specific subject. There are several components for a successful day and note taking and sketching is one of them. The Savant is tailored to the last stitch and is an ideal and elegant way to safekeep the most important of affairs: ideas.


dimensions: 20cm x 16cm
softcover | hardcover
pages: 72 pp
paper: 85gsm Soft White Bioprima, Fabriano
end papers: Chiyogami Japanese Paper | Colorplan Paper, G.F Smith
leather: Uruguayan Cowhide